about us

Bend and Brew started in Asheville, NC (Beer City USA), offering guided yoga classes suitable for all ages and ability levels throughout the city’s many micro breweries.

What started as a quirky little spark has ignited a burning flame across the U.S. Now you can find Bend & Brew in your own local brewery. And if you don’t, let us know.

To some, combining yoga and beer would be a sacrilege. To us, it is taking our practice off the mat, out of the studio and into regular lives. Our hearts desire is to make yoga relevant in today’s world in a deeply moving, educational, transformative, and FUN way.

As yoga devotees, our focus is in selecting the best local yoga teachers, able to teach all levels of practice suitable for beginners and yet still challenging for the yoga-ninja. We strive to create a class that accessible and fun for every one. If yoga wasn’t fun, we wouldn’t be doing it.

As beer lovers, our focus is in selecting the perfect local breweries and pubs, in order to offer our guests the very best offerings in brewery art. After each yoga class, representatives from the brewery will either give a tour and/or tasting of their craft, which is always included in the package.

Are you a tourist and want to try something fun and different? Are you a brewer and want to expand your patronage? Are you a yogi or yoga teacher and want to bring us to your area?

Please contact us today: bendandbrew@gmail.com

Bend and Brew is a registered trade mark and has been featured in Yoga Journal, National Geographic, TravelGirl and many other national and local publications.



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